How a Retirement Coach Can Help

Coaching is primarily concerned with the present and the future vs focusing on the past. As a coach, I am in your corner, on your side, and work with you to create the life YOU want. I am your cheerleader – your biggest fan! I ask questions and listen deeply. I support and encourage your personal growth. I will challenge your thinking that is keeping you stuck or making it difficult for you to move forward. And, I hold you accountable so that you achieve everything you want. And we’ll have fun while doing it!

Knowing what to expect, and having a clear plan on how we want to spend our time, with who and doing what will ensure we make the most of every day.

We plan for many things in our life – a wedding, a vacation, the arrival of a baby, where to live, our next career move and our financial situation at retirement. We spend almost no time planning for HOW we will spend our time and the lifestyle we want to live.

The Coaching Process

My retirement coaching program is designed to support you in planning your ideal retirement and reduce stress and anxiety you are feeling about the transition.

The program includes:
  • 3-1 hour coaching sessions with me
  • Extensive workbook that will guide us through the coaching sessions. It includes assessments providing insights to where you are now and where you want to be, review of goals & action plans in different areas of your life, plans on how to overcome obstacles, culminating in a personalized retirement plan for you
  • Follow-up communication with you to check on your success
  • Special pricing for additional coaching sessions

Let’s get Started

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