Anne Griffin

Retirement Coach

I retired recently from a 31+ year career at Procter & Gamble, most recently in Human Resources. And, I have been coaching for over 6 years after becoming certified in 2016.

A few years ago, I remember sharing with friends that I would be retiring soon. I was so excited. I was looking forward to meeting-free days, focusing on my health, and exploring new interests. My friends shared that they were scared to retire.

Financially they were all set, but emotionally, they were not ready.

When I asked why, they shared that they didn’t know what to expect, were afraid of being bored, and worried about how to fill their days. Work gave them meaning and they didn’t know how to get that same feeling in retirement.

“Isn’t retirement what I’ve been saving for all these years?”

With very little information online about the non-financial aspects of retirement, I knew I could use my coaching skills to help people, like my friends, transition to retirement with anticipation, joy and excitement. I want to help others to overcome these feelings of doubt, and work with them to fulfill their dreams (and create new dreams) and make meaning out of their retirement.